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After consulting us, and you've made your decision to have us perform at your wedding, event, or photo shoot, please feel free to view and complete the appropriate contract above.

Privacy Policy


As the Internet Grows

Starr Productions recognizes that the growth of online services, including Internet services, has created additional privacy concerns, particularly for consumers. Online privacy concerns focus primarily on the protection of "customer identifiable" information which an individual or other customer reasonably expects to be kept private. As the term suggests, "customer identifiable" information is information that, when associated with an individual identifies that individual, for example, a customer's name, address, telephone number, location of event and e-mail address.


Starr Productions has implemented technology and security features and strict policy guidelines to safeguard the privacy of your customer identifiable information from unauthorized access or improper use, and we will continue to enhance our security procedures as new technology becomes available.


Any customers' information (which will only be name and phone number) located on starrproductions.com is by permission and authorization of those particular customers, and will only be used for the purpose of only giving potential clients references to contact. We will NEVER just place any customers' information or photographs on our website without the sole permission of the customer...

Your Online Account

Your account and payment information is password protected on Starr Productions secure online payment servers. No one other than you and Starr Productions may view your information, so it is highly recommended that you do not share your password with too many people.  Do not keep your password or any other personal information saved on your computer, especially at work, write your password down at home and keep it in a safe place for your records.

Information We Collect

Name, Address, Email address, Phone number, Pertinent Wedding or Event Details

Commitment To Children's Privacy

Protecting the privacy of the very young is especially important. For that reason, we never collect or maintain information at our website from those we actually know are under 18, and no part of our website is structured to attract anyone under 18. Any contract submitted by someone under the age of 18 is VOID especially when schools are involved, only a school administrator may fill out a contract for a school event. We also take great care to make sure that we link to only "family-friendly" websites, however we are not responsible or affiliated with any website which is not www.starrproductions.com.  We are not responsible for any website we link to that changes their content without us knowing, but of course if we notice that a website is no-longer "family-friendly" they will be removed promptly.

The bottom line with the Internet and children is this, there is a lot of "good and evil" on the Internet, take the time to put certain security measures in place on your computer to protect your children from non "family-friendly" websites.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Starr Productions will not sell, rent or otherwise distribute any of your personal contact information or account information, in part or in whole intentionally or by any other means.  Also, your information will only be released upon your hand-written consent and / or ordered to do so by a Court Of Law.  All of your personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, e-mail accounts, passwords, credit cards or bank account information will only be maintained on Starr Productions secure online planning server and / or stored with limited access at our office, electronically or otherwise.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Starr Productions may amend this policy from time to time as new ways of protecting your information becomes available.  If we make any substantial changes in the way we use YOUR personal information we will notify you directly in written form.

Customer Concerns

If you are a consumer with concerns about Starr Productions privacy policy or its implementation you may contact us at (904) 252-7274 anytime.